Month: May 2022

At What Age Can I Take My Dog ​​To Daycare?

During the period of being at home, many families considered the possibility of adopting a dog to make this season more bearable, they usually opted for having a puppy, to be able to raise it from a very young age and see how it evolves throughout its life, but what she didn’t count on was that sooner or later she would have to get away from him. After a year in which his pet met him, grew attached, learned his routines, and had a scheduled time, there comes a shocking moment when he looks around and is totally alone.

But do not premeditate, this is not a good solution for anyone and that is why we recommend that you take your pet to a trusted Dog Boarding in San Diego, a place where your pet can be accompanied by professionals and other dogs to prevent damage from being caused. We know that this idea has crossed your mind but you don’t know if, with the puppy’s young age, it would be a good idea to take it to the nursery.

What benefits does a dog hotel bring to your puppy?

During the first years of your pet’s life, it will face various changes both physically and emotionally. First of all, it must learn to detach itself from its mother, something that may not seem so dramatic, but ultimately represents a radical change in its early years or months of life. Day after day he will learn something new, with each step, fall, jump and sniff you will learn about his world and know how to develop properly. In addition, he begins to understand his emotions and understands the strategies to communicate them to his owners who do not speak dogs.

In addition, a good dog hotel will provide the following benefits to smaller animals:

  • He begins to socialize at an early age which helps him to understand other animals and not act wild when he sees another animal of the same species.
  • Exercising daily will strengthen your muscles and help them grow.
  • You will be surrounded by special care where no disease or animal can harm you.

If you must leave your house for several hours a day or you will not be in the city for weeks, it is recommended that you take your puppy to a trusted Dog Boarding in San Diego, here you will not experience loneliness or depression and when you see him again you will continue feeling the same emotion as when he was by her side day after day.

If you are living in or around the San Diego, CA area and are looking for a professional Dog and Car boarding service look no further than Margale Pet Resort in Southern California. They have been in business for over 10 years and have a stellar rating with the BBB.