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At the Wynnbrook Winery Farm, we experiment and listen a lot to what happens in the vineyard, analyzing each plot separately. And we want you to be involved and accompany us in this walk that makes the road.

The confluence of various factors such as altitude, latitude, soil, rainfall, orography, and temperature make this old wine region one of the best for growing quality grapes; Furthermore, Wynnbrook Winery Farm practices ecological and environmentally friendly agriculture.

​The farm has means that facilitate the development of fieldwork, such as caterpillar tractors, applicators of deep fertilizer and phytosanitary, support irrigation system and fertilizer by fertigation.

​For years, in the more than 30 hectares of vineyards of Wynnbrook Winery Farm, we have been replacing the traditional cultivation with a mixture of varieties by new plantations with a trellis system and with separation of varieties.

​The cultivation system improves ostensibly by establishing new plantation frameworks on low slopes and allowing the introduction of machinery in the vineyard, such as caterpillar tractors, or new techniques such as fertigation, drip irrigation, fertilizer systems, and phytosanitary control.

​When the harvest approaches, it is crucial to monitor the ripening of the grape, so that it is harvested at the most appropriate time to obtain the type of wine that is sought.

Already during the harvest, and in order to maintain high quality, the grape is selected well, discarding the one considered imperfect. Harvesting is always done in plastic boxes so that the fruit reaches the winery as intact as possible.