How And When To Prune Cannabis Plants

Mar 6, 2021 Uncategorized

Is it good to prune marijuana plants? When to prune marijuana plants? The main objective of pruning is to mold the plant to achieve different results than we would obtain by leaving the plant un-molded. 

Depending on the type of pruning, we get some results or others. The most common prunings for marijuana are:

  • Apical Pruning 

The objective of this type of pruning is to make the marijuana plants branch more and these branches are healthier. As well as increasing the production of buds since most of the branches reach the highest part of the plant. This pruning consists of cutting the eye of the plant so that the upper part is in the shape of a “Y”. To ensure that the marijuana plants withstand the stress caused by this pruning, we must do it from the third node.

  • Fim pruning

The objective of this pruning is the same as in Apical pruning, but the procedure and the result we achieve are a little different. Unlike in Apical pruning, in Fim pruning, we do not use the knots of the marijuana plant to make the cut. That is, instead of cutting flush with the knot, we cut only 60% of the eye, leaving at least 40% of it on the plant. The result is the formation of stronger branches and in the case of Fim pruning, more number of branches than with Apical pruning.

  • Low Pruning 

This type of pruning causes controversy among growers, on one hand, it benefits the plant. But on the other hand, it generates a little stress to which we will be subjecting the marijuana plants. This type of pruning consists of cleaning those branches that do not reach the upper area of ​​the plant, so they do not receive enough lumens to flower properly. 

By removing these branches, the plant does not spend resources on feeding them, which would focus attention on the branches that are going to flower properly.

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