File:Ijevan vineyards.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsThe winery’s vineyards are located in Marlboro, New York.

There are planted 6 ha of vineyards of different varieties. The height here intervenes in a very decisive way for the ripening of the grape, since this, which normally occurs in the months of August and September, there is a great thermal oscillation between day and night, which favors a ripening of the grape much slower and more complex, which in the end will have an impact on the achievement of higher quality wine.

The height intervenes in a decisive way to achieve a much slower and more complex ripening of the grape.

File:10 Sprinklers in vineyard - Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy.jpg - Wikimedia  Commons‚ÄčThe irrigation system used is a complex ferti-irrigation system with a water deficit through which the vineyard is watered and fertilized until the veraison season arrives where irrigation is restricted and the plant is subjected to water stress so that the entire function of photosynthesis is directed to the fruit and ripening takes place in a slower and more complex way. In this way, berries of great quality are obtained.